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 How to make your own FPS!!

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PostSubject: How to make your own FPS!!   Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:10 pm

This tutorial is made by -1337-

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create your own 3D FPS Game very fast and easily.

Requirements for this Tutorial

Computer using Windows (2000, XP, Vista or 7)


2GHZ Processor

Direct X9 or X10 (X10 gets better results)

FPS Creator X9 or X10 (X10 gets better results)

uTorrent or Bittorrent (to download the software)

Step 1) Download FPS Creator HERE if you have Windows Vista or 7 and download HERE if you have Windows XP or 2000.

Step 2) Extract and setup the downloaded software in the previous step.

Step 3) Open FPS Creator to get started.

Step 4) First we must add floor or rooms so the player can walk in it without going into the space. I just gonna add some prefabs (Predefined Rooms).

Go to Prefabs and choose some rooms. I'm gonna choose the Study Small. I'll delete the door so we have only one room.

Step 5) Now lets add a start spot. This is where the player will start the game.

Go the Markers tab and click on that green arrow and choose a spot on the map.

Step 6) You can test it now and you'll see that you have no gun yet. Just the camera. Lets add a gun.

Go to Entities Tab and then go to Entity Library - generic - items

Then choose a gun from there. I'm just gonna choose "uzi" and uzi Ammo.

Now add it into your game so the player can pick it up.

Step 7) If you tested the game now you probably have notted that are no enemies yet so there's no objective. Lets add a enemy.

Go to Entities Tab again and go to Entity Library - Scifi - Characters

Select one from there. I'm gonna choose Conker (Assault). If you put it on your room it will automatically start attacking you.

So add another room and put the enemy there (if you deleted the door like me go to Segments select the door and add it).

If you're using FPS Creator X10 you can set it as Friend, Enemy and Neutral and you can choose how he behaves (shoot if see player, when dead and all that). If you're using X9 you can't so I won't be talking about that.

Step To make your game more reallistic you can add some decals and overlays like blood, smoke and all that. You can add objects if you want too.

Step To make your game more reallistic you can add some decals and overlays like blood, smoke and all that. You can add objects if you want too.

Go to Entity Library - generic - decals and add some decals.

Go to Entity Library - ww2 or Scifi - Furniturea furnitureb furniturec or furnitured. add objects from there.

Step 9) To make your game even more reallistic (x10 version), click TAB while testing the game.

A panel will open and you can set settings like water level, light, fog, bloom and all that stuff that makes the games more cool.

Step 10) Now lets build our game to share with friends so they can play it without any programs.

Go to File - Save

And save with name you want. Mine is gonna be called simple.exe

No go to File - Build

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How to make your own FPS!!
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